An alpine valley echoes in the north

Alpine heaven welcomes me.
Ice melts, trickling over my feet.
The raspy voice of wind recalls
The story mom told around campfires.
The mountain I see, the mountain that stands
A sage up-heaved it. Through immense penance.
The mountain I see, on it, a fortress stands.
From the hordes of a barbarian, they protected our lands.
The fortress I see. The ruins gleam.
Walls polished my curved blades through ages.
The fortress I see — It’s been sacked and changed hands;
From the tribes to nobles. From Kings to pale merchants.
The poem still echoes inside eardrums
When yonder I see and catch a glance
Of the once-mighty fortress, on highest of lands.

Author Bio:

Aditya Mohan is a 22 year old Chemical engineer who pens poems as a hobby. He writes freestyle poetry on historical concepts. You can follow him at :

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