Winner of Featured poetry contest( Theme: Blooming Spring)- The Rooftop’s Play

Consecutive steps I step upon,
time runs in the arms of the dawn.
Breathing my ribs tight and heart wide,
over the spot of seating I glide.
A polaroid I softly trace out,
doves afar in the sky run about.

From doves onto skies my visions adjust,
horizons where lovers meet, combust.
Diffusing into a form of infinite orchids,
such a temptation my soul forbids.
These florets call out for privacy,
I get blown onto Spring’s blue ecstasy.

Sirens of our trees carry me,
the bonds of my lovelorn warmth flee.
Hellfire rains from my irises,
your honeyed eyes fuse promises.
A marriage of our gazes raging,
nostalgic bubbles fly uncaging.

Bandit winds caress your silk hair,
waved jealousy drips down my glare.
Subsequent blink, you fade away,
search of you leads my core astray.
Our sweet aubade of redamancy,
spreads its sanguine wings of buoyancy.

Heavens collapse to a mere word,
for your love has left my thirst blurred.
Beau, nothing would ever rhyme more,
with fate when you walk back the door.
Till then, I daydream of us on rooftops,
for you recur to me on my salted backdrops.

Author Bio:

Rishika, a work-in-progress love poem, is an optimistic student who holds dark humor & doughnuts dear. Being a Kathak dancer, sketch artist & guitarist, she’s at peace crowning herself–a lively Philomath. Celestial bodies, art, lovers, and blues paint her alive. She has a rare condition of chromesthesia & is addicted to literary escapism! She can be found on insta @rage_9o2.

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