Traditional Japanese theater styles- Noh, Kyogen, Bunraku, Kabuki and Rakugo.

Theatres are fantastic ways of transmitting a message orally or through gestures, since, for most of history, education was a privilege. Starting from the Heian period (794 A.D-1195 A.D), many forms of theatrical arts emerged in Japan, as a result of their cultural exchange with the Chinese empires. In the beginning, these theatres were exclusive entertainment for the wealthy nobles and the Imperial family alone. But with the dawn of the Edo period (1603 A.D- 1867 A.D), many of these theatres reached the regular citizens of Japan.

Madhubani Paintings- An ancient wall painting art from India

India prides on an art form that turns bare mud patches into works of art. “Madhubani paintings”, is a collective term given to different styles of paintings emerging from the Madhubani region of modern-day Bihar state in India. They are characterized by complex geometrical patterns made on mud patches and plain walls. These paintings generally display special occasions, rituals, legends and festivals, etc.